holy shit i can’t wait to write this paper i’m gonna fucking nail it and possibly just write the straight up 8 pages in a couple hours before class and maybe during and maybe even if my group decides to film, i’ll be busting out this paper

it’s gonna be so damn good

favorite movies: 6/?
→ Hard Candy (2005)

I’m watching Hard Candy

and i just

wanna punch Jeff right in the face


i could be writing my script or my paper

but my paper involves watching Pacific Rim and then….Hard Candy as well. So maybe i’ll watch Hard Candy right now and that way it’s fresh in my mind when i start my paper tomorrow????

then my script will just be written as i go throughout the weekend. It’s hard to start it and i don’t know where i want to begin but then again i have like 3 weeks to revise is as needed….


The first season of Amy Schumer’s show was occasionally funny, but mostly just hacky and safe. This second season shit is subversive and brilliant. She’s really earned my respect.

so i’ve been getting up at 6:25 every morning (then going back to sleep) and it’s weird and also people know my name and it’s weird ‘cause like i had my core group of friends in high school (and i love them so dearly still to this day) but like people would be like ‘who is that chick’ and now…..

people are associated with me and it’s weird

also working 10 hour days on Wednesday so i can work with ALL my favorite people

let me tell you the perks of being a film major

  • everything


Watch_Dogs as a movie. Inspired by… pretty much every fake film poster.

the fragments of his splintered heart sting


do u ever just out of nowhere find a guy attractive and ur just like wtf since when




this is a remix of happy where the vocals are kept the same, but the instrumental part of it is completely different and really transforms the song

woodkid tho…

we were talking about open and closed frames in class today and my professor showed a scene from The Ice Storm……………………………………………….

dark comedies

come to me

"Five months of peace is just what I want." - The Shining (1980)